2017 Salt Lake Randonneurs Ride Calendar

I’m very excited about the new bike riding season just around the corner.  Richard has put tons of work into planning the schedule for 2017.  This year will feature lots of new rides close to Salt Lake City with an increased emphasis on the shorter distances. Hopefully this will encourage more participation from riders who aren’t quite ready to take on the longer distance rides.  Highlights for me will be the Yellowstone Series July 13 and the Dirt Road Randonee Aug 5.  I put together this handy chart and also a printable version to help with planning.

Date Distance (km) Name Location
Feb 18 100/200 Las Vegas Series Las Vegas
Mar 18 100/200 Zion Series St George
Apr 8 100/200 Moab Series* Moab
Apr 22 100/200 Willard Bay Series Centerville
May 13 100/200/300 Northern Utah Series Brigham City
Jun 10 100/200/300 Wasatch Front Series North Salt Lake
Jun 24 130/200/400 Great Basin Series Lehi
July 13 400/600/1000 Yellowstone Series Ashton Idaho
July 29 200 Great Basin Backroads Lehi
Aug 5 100/200 dirt Monte Cristo Dirt Ogden
Aug 18 300/400/600 Raspberry Ramble Logan
Sep 2 100/200 Hobble Creek Series* Springville



2 thoughts on “2017 Salt Lake Randonneurs Ride Calendar

  1. I won’t be riding those, but you know I don’t like riding in traffic. Traffic in Arches has been getting really thick over the last few years, so 4C is probably better for that, long drive though. I am considering putting together a White Rim trip this spring.

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