On Knickers


With the new Compass knickers announced today, I’m reminded to give a shout-out to how great knickers are for biking.  It seems that some people don’t know this.  I had a freak crash on Tuesday, pretty bad, mountain biking up on Mueller.  I was wearing some of my favorite knickers because I thought it would be cold up there, (it wasn’t!).  My knickers saved my knee.  Instead of having a big, ugly, dirty, raw hamburger-that-got-dropped-in-the-dirt-and-has-to-be-fed-to-the-dog knee, I’ve got just a spot of carpet burn where the hamburger would have been.  I expected that my knicks would have been shredded, but they held up just fine and are good as new. #stealthbodyarmor


2 thoughts on “On Knickers

  1. Back in the day, I used army surplus wool knickers and rag wool knee stockings for mountaineering. I loved that combination, except for the itchy socks. But it did give me flexibility in venting, while providing top to bottom coverage when needed.

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